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Nirbhaya to Karuna - Murder, Mob and Mockery

pic (courtesy indian express)

The moment she wast thought to be murdered for the first time in the dirty mind, or say weak so much to be treated as human being, 
from that only moment Karuna died, or deteriorated to be get stabbed brutally .

And , Just a second , why for this moment , and why not the moment when judiciary, system, executors, society , media , laws , No One ...and Nothing ...nothing made happened, that the culprit of the most heinous violence and brutal most crime ,which boiled up the mass and state ( although now it can be said that as it was shown so  to us )were not get hanged to death , till date . And the worst one is that one of those bad guys , the so called and declared as juvenile  , must be practising his life as a good citizen . All of us know that , Yupp ! Off course we should believe in good things. 

As we believed then , when we candled , our feeling our outburst , our anger , which compelled the legal fraternity and the governing agencies , law makers to do something concrete prohibition of that crime . But is it going like this or so ??

Arushi , Priyadarshini, Nirbhaya, Karuna ..who knows who or who is not or who else is left , in the home, office, road , cab, cinema, when and where not ? The issue is not that the government , laws , police are not doing or pretending to be done but the question remains always , is the same , that Why does not it making any difference .

While writing an article for a Hindi Journal my studies , I was shocked to be found that one of those articles was based on the latest survey of Female Commandos of American unit that 24% of the female commandos nodded positively to be treated other than a brilliant solider of the United States. I was quite surprised as the commando brigade of the Worlds most powerful defence state are also facing the same dilemma more or less  , the rest of the world .

But , Why , Why the girls let them die so easily , without resisting, without revolting, and most importantly without even complaining many times . This is the the worst social imbalance developed which now wrapped the law , justice , government , no body going to care for no body 

In these condition why not , it be done compulsory for each and every citizen to be trained, polished and crafted in the military training and discipline . Specially NCC, SCOUTS, and NSS like agencies and bodies should be requested to get revived their set ups as soon as possible for which I already have written a letter to PMO Office . 

NIrbhaya and Karuna , Priyadarshini or any girl understand firmly that they have no right to leave the battle without murdering , without deserting and without punishing their culprits. .....then Why , Why .....Why is is going on and on and on .......let us think ..

Next .....Murder ,Mob and Mockery 

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